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സെപ്റ്റംമ്പർ 8 ലോക ഫിസിയോതെറാപ്പി ദിനമായി ആചരിക്കുന്നു. ഈ വർഷത്തെ മുദ്രാവാക്യം കോവിഡ് - 19 രോഗം വരുന്നതിനു മുമ്പും പിമ്പും ഫിസിയോ തെറാപ്പി ചികിത്സയുടെ പങ്ക് എന്താണ് എന്നുള്ളതാണ്.
HAPPY WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY. The theme for World PT Day 2020 will focus on rehabilita...

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May this auspicious Occasion Bring health, prosperity and fulfillment to your Life.. Happy Onam

The upper and lower crossed syndromes were initially described and named by the Czech physician and researcher, Vladimir Janda. This condition is given its name because an “X,” in other words a cross, can be drawn across the upper and lower body. One arm of the cross indicates the muscles that ar...

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കോവിഡ് മഹാമാരിയുടെ ഈ ലോക്ക് ഡൌണ്‍ കാലയളവില്‍ ഞങ്ങളുടെ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനങ്ങള്‍ പതിവുപോലെ തന്നെ എല്ലാ സുരക്ഷാ മാനദണ്ടങ്ങളോടും കൂടെ തുടരുന്നതായി അറിയിക്കുന്നു.

Delight Physiotherapy Centre ന്‍റെ ഫെയ്സ്ബുക്ക് പേജും, വെബ്സൈറ്റും സന്ദര്‍ശിക്കുവാന്‍ താങ്കളെ സ്വാഗതം ചെയ്യുന്നു. താഴെ കാണുന്ന ലിങ്കിൽ ക്ലിക്ക...

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How much physical activity is recommended for your age group?

WHO has recommendations on the amount of physical activity people of all ages should do to benefit their health and wellbeing.

Infants under 1 year of age

• All infants should be physically active se...

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Kinesiology taping is one specific mode of treatment that your physical therapist may use. It involves placing strips of special tape on your body in specific directions to help improve your mobility and support your joints, muscles, and tendons.
The general goals of athletic taping are to restri...

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Electrotherapy Equipments Available in the Centre

  • Electrotherapy Equipments

    Continuous Passive Mobiliser Machine (CPM), Short Wave Diathermy (SWD), Ultrasonic Therapy, Interferential Therapy (IFT), Hot Pack Unit, Paraffin Wax Bath, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electrical Muscle Stimulator, Cold Packs, Traction Unit (Cervical/ Lumbar)

Exercisetherapy Equipments Available in the Centre

  • Exercise therapy Equipments

    Shoulder Wheel, Over Head Pulley, Wall Ladder, Supinator & Pronator Exerciser, Stepper, Wobble Board / Balance Board Exerciser, Heel / Ankle Exerciser, Walker / Crutches / Canes, Stationary Bicycle, Treadmill, Vibrator for Chest Physiotherapy, Swiss / Gym Ball, Dumbbells / Weight Cuffs, Gripper / Gel Balls, Finger Exerciser, Thera Bands / Thera Tubes, Spiro meter, Weighing machine, Stature / Stadiometer, Skinfold Anthropometric Caliper & Tape, Kinesio Taping (K – Tape), Manual Therapy / Examination Couches.

Physiotherapy Specialities

  • Orthopedic Physiotherapy

  • Neuro Physiotherapy

  • Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy

  • Pediatric Physiotherapy

  • Occupational Health Physiotherapy

  • Obesity Clinic

  • Oncology Rehabilitation

  • Spine Clinic

  • Well woman clinic

  • Geriatric Physiotherapy

Patient transport facilities

  • Car/Auto Rickshaw with assitance on request.

    For transportation from home to clinic and back based on appointment time. Minimal price based on distance.


2 years ago
Excellent infrastructure and well qualified physios #speedy recovery
- Dr R
2 years ago
Good and cost effective treatment
- harish k
2 years ago
Good results in pain over neck and back.
- madhu r

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre

Welcome to our centre located at Kundara East, Kollam District of Kerala. We believe in our potentials and aiming high to reach among the top or the best five Physiotherapy clinic's in Kerala, in another one year.

We are committed to supporting you and ensuring that you are well protected, by providing you with the effective, result oriented physiotherapy treatment. Our Physiotherapists aim at helping people affected by illness, injury or disability using physical agents that include exercise, manual therapy, mechanical and electrotherapy, manipulation mobilisation and much more. 

If you suffer from any of the following, we will be able to help you:

Spinal conditions: Slipped discs, back pain, sciatica, lumbago, stiff & painful neck, trapped nerves, whiplash

Joint conditions: Arthritis, rheumatism, joint injuries, pain, stiffness, frozen shoulders, hip pain, knee pain,

Sport & overuse injuries: Muscle & ligament tears and strains, tennis elbow, cartilage problems, sprained ankles, dislocated joints, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury (RSI), shin splints, knee cap pain, rotator cuff injuries

Rehabilitation: Stroke, cerebral palsy, parkinsonism, post operative conditions including post fracture, joint replacement, spinal surgery, shoulder & knee surgery

Women's health: Back pain in pregnancy and related conditions

Work related/Occupational Health: Posture and overuse complaints  

Please call us for an appointment. We are happy to provide you a physio therapeutic solution for your health condition.

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